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Whenever you are faced with any problem here is your first step:
Get comfortable, close your eyes; put your feet on the floor; and now remember that god is close to you than breathing, nearer than hands n feet. Right there wherever you are, god is there. You just have to close your eyes, get quit for a moment and god will solve your problem.
It may sound strange that you don't have to tell God what your problem is or that you don't have to ask for any favors.

All you have to do is to close your eyes, get still n realize that god is as close to you as inside your own chest. Then be patient for a few minutes and the spirit itself will take over. God who is the divine intelligence of your being, knows that when you are coming to him and what you are coming to him for.

Always remember that it is god's good pleasure to give you the answer. In fact it is very much like a radio station. God is always speaking to you; God is always revealing the answer to every problem; but you can't receive god's guidance, direction, protection or support unless you are tuned in to accept it. You must give god obedience, attention, lovingness – not by loving God whom you cannot see, but by loving the people coming in contact. To receive God's grace you must respect others truly because even though god is present with you, you cannot receive God's grace unless love, joy and respect fill your mind and your soul.

Each one of us is responsible for himself. There is no god sitting up in the sky, looking down n judging your actions, but there is a god-centre within you that knows everything you do and brings back to you what you send out. Therefore the love and respect you send out are the love and respect you get back and not only that but they are pressed down and running over.

Take 2 minutes and say this within you, here I am father; speak lord.thy servant hereto. I am obedient to thy will. By this you can lay the foundation for a completely god governed life. Your life is free for you to make or break. You can learn the greatest lesson now that the place where you stand is holy ground. God is right there where you are and is available the very minute you turn within humility, acknowledging God's grace, God's power, God's spirit within you and then relax and let the spirit take over. That really is all there to the whole infinite way.
  • Listening to: Wind of Change
  • Reading: Cry of the Wind
  • Watching: Wind at my back
  • Playing: Wind Rider
  • Eating: Buttermilk
  • Drinking: Mineral Water

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